70-Hour VataAsana™ Aerial Yoga Teacher Training with Muktadevi Leyna Love Shaeffer
Be trained in this wonderful, fun therapeutic approach by one of the most experienced Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainers. Leyna has trained most of the Aerial instructors in our region. Her Trainings are so rich, very informative, and give you the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to instruct excellent Aerial Yoga classes.
The Training has two modules: Foundational and Intermediate, each with two full weekend sessions.
Saturdays – 8am-4pm
Sundays – 10am-5pm
Those taking the Training receive passes to 10 Aerial Yoga classes, and are to attend those classes as part of their Training by the end of the 2 modules, some basic classes and some level 2 classes.
The VataAsana™ Aerial Yoga Method is an alignment based yoga, with movement and breath based practice. VataAsana™ Aerial Yoga postures are done in the air creating space, detoxification and balance through Aerial Yoga. Practitioners lean how to blend traditional yoga asana with acrobatic elements while focused on alignment and guided by breath. Working with gravity allows for space to be created in the joints, and for lengthening in the muscles and ligaments. The Aerial Yoga wraps rest on accu-pressure points bringing energetic balance to the meridians in the body. Compression free inversions boost the lymphatic system and detoxify the body while giving traction to the spine and hydrating the vertebral discs. An overall increase in flexibility, increase in the circulatory system, and mood boost are among some of the additional benefits to a regular practice. 

Leyna Muktadevi Shaeffer, E-RYT

Leyna, the founder of VataAsana™ Aerial Yoga, the unique alignment based practice Aerial style, began practicing yoga at age 18 and was trained in Vinyasa Flow, with additional training for an alignment-based teaching. Leyna instructs her VataAsana™ Aerial Yoga and is a certified and popular AcroYoga instructor.  She is co-founder of Honor Yoga Aerial & Acro Yoga studio in Pennington and founder of the Aerial Yoga Division for Honor Yoga. She has built two studios from the ground up and lead several Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainings. Leyna is a caring mother for her two own daughters along with her partner’s two children, as well. As a mother she finds adventure in yoga, just as she does in motherhood, teaching SUP yoga, beach yoga, acrobatic yoga and any other form that helps her students to think outside the box. You explore and learn new things with Leyna. She is devoted to building community, and she strives to inspire students to play, find joy in yoga, and be light of heart.

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