“Four months after brain surgery, my neurosurgeon told me that I might need yet another surgery since nature had not helped my brain to regain its original shape. My options were limited. I returned to yoga after the news hoping to gain some inner peace in the situation. I was practicing only the basic asanas. Three months later my surgeon could not believe the drastic improvement in the CT scan which prompted him to ask me what was it that I had done for this phenomenal change. I truly believe that Hatha Yoga practice at the IYI was solely responsible for my rapid improvement. Yoga is known to ease an array of physical, mental, and emotional challenges. In my case it has proven to be a “savior.” Not only am I back to normal, but I am also now able to do “Sarvangasana” (shoulder stand) thought not always for the recommended three minutes! Thank you.” – Sri Narayanan

“I joined IYI less than a week ago; I already feel the benefits of yoga and the changes it has brought in me and in my life. For one, I feel more at ease with everyday stress and feel a confidence building in me. I hope to continue coming here as often as possible and be a part of this spiritual family. Om Shanti!” – D. M.

“For a long time I’ve been searching for a way to enrich myself spiritually. Yoga, I found, was a means to do that. It was at the IYI that I began to learn yoga, in the process, realizing I am cleansing my soul a little at a time. This is such a “holistic” place to explore deep within oneself. My deepest regards, respects to such a committed group of teachers and last but not least, my sincere homage and respect to Guru Jayadeva for starting this institute. Thank you.” – K. G.

“Since joining IYI I have found benefit physically, mentally and spiritually. First, my joints are silent for the first time in a long time. Second I find a calmness in thought. And finally I feel a peace and that joyous inner place I haven’t been to in a long while. I also have more energy!” – G. H.

“Being fairly new to yoga I am enjoying the progress of both my mind and body, which I feel during class and in my everyday life.” – A. M.

“Yoga at the IYIP has been a great blessing. I came to improve my physical health through increased muscle tone and flexibility. And I also found a source of peace and stress relief – health for body and mind. Thank you!” – L. A. C.

“Having attended classes at the Princeton IYI since they opened their doors. I have gotten to the place where I just walk into the studio and I get a feeling of peace & calm without having to take a class! Of course that only happens if you participate – so I keep coming back!!!” – S. C.

“Since finding yoga and the IYI my life has become much happier. I know it sounds simple, but it’s true. The combination of the physical activity of the asanas, the pranayama breathing exercises and the deep meditation has made me a better person in all aspects of my life. My health, focus, stamina and outlook have all improved. I am very grateful for all the experiences, the new friends and the dozens of smiles the IYI has given me so far and I am looking forward to many more!” – Kristen

“I suffered through very acute upper back problem for nearly five years and, after practicing regularly at IYI, it is completely gone. My meditation practice has also benefited immensely after joining IYI. Through IYI, I have been introduced to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, which I would consider a key milestone in my life. Coming to IYI regularly has imparted a deeper understanding of Yoga Philosophy. I can’t express enough what IYI has done for my spiritual practice.” – Keyur

“Changed my life in many ways. Truly brought out what was always in me and allowed me to bloom without worry or care of judgement from others.” – M. D.

“Yoga is wonderful. I have had a wonderful experience at IYI. I have many back problems and yoga really helps with the pain and discomfort. Everyone here at IYI has been wonderful. All of the teachers are exceptional. Great personalities and positive attitudes. They are extremely knowledgable. It has been a pleasure to be a member. GREAT YOGA STUDIO! “– K. D.

“Great place, great yoga.”

“I was impressed with the instructors. They used positive reinforcement and allowed individuals to work at their own comfort level, also provided guidance if you wanted to do extra.”

“Need many centers like this. It is a non-profit organization and many people are doing selfless service/volunteer work.”

“Class is 90 minutes long, starts with chanting and ends with yoga prayer. You will feel recharged and very flexible, energized after flushing those toxins out through relaxation, breathing and meaningful stretching activities. Need to try it. Princeton Yoga will do its part for you and you’ll love the way you feel about yourself and others around you.”

“I was nervous about going at first, but from the moment I walked in I felt welcomed by the staff and other students. I will definitely be back!”

“Very impressed with everything from beginning to end. Great philosophy…..non-profit and focused about teaching individuals the yoga experience. I really enjoyed the vibe and have an interest in pursuing the practice even more now. Thank you!!!”

“You have created a safe, heart-warming haven where the instructors are second to none!”

“Princeton Integral Yoga is absolutely amazing.”

“Wonderful place, very supportive teachers and participants.”

“Teachers are caring and the facility was clean and inviting.”

“The yoga practice at Princeton Integral Yoga is quite an experience for me. It is very relaxing being taught by very experienced yoga instructors.”

“I love practicing yoga at your studio. Everyone is so helpful. Instructors are great and I appreciate the time they take to make sure the postures are done correctly. I have been to many schools in the area and have been to classes where instructions weren’t given. So again, really enjoying my practice here!”

“They have done a superb job in choosing their staff, and for this I plan to stick with them. Since moving to Jersey I have tried several yoga institutes and Princeton Integral Yoga is heads and shoulders above!”

“Wonderful class! Excellent instructors – very knowledgeable and helpful to the entire class.”

“Princeton Integral Yoga gives me a beautiful mixture of the physical, spiritual and inspirational. I carry the benefits with me throughout the week.”

“Participating at Princeton Integral Yoga has helped me tremendously to focus on my day-to-day activity, and energizes me to do things better… not only the health benefits. It has a very positive effect on my life in general.”

“Princeton Integral Yoga gives me a beautiful mixture of the physical, spiritual and inspirational. I carry the benefits with me throughout the week.”

“I joined Princeton Integral Yoga 1½ years ago. I feel very good, flexible & healthy after joining. Now, yoga has become part of my life. I love the place and the staff.”

“I started yoga for the first time at Princeton Integral Yoga with the idea to maintain flexibility. However, I have gained much more. It has helped with acid reflux, reduced stress & made me much calmer in day-to-day life. Thank you all at IYCC for giving me the tools for life.”

“While life has been providing some serious challenges, Princeton Integral Yoga has been a source of great comfort, helping me to uncover my own strength & serenity. It’s a lot of fun too!”

“The best place in the Princeton area for yoga! Relaxing. Challenging. Works for me when I’m tired, and when I’m at my best.”

“I joined Princeton Integral Yoga less than a week ago. I already feel the benefits of yoga and the changes it has brought in me and in my life. For one, I feel more at ease with everyday stress and feel a confidence building in me. I hope to continue coming here as often as possible and be a part of this spiritual family. Om Shanti!”

“love it”

“Good yoga place.”

“Enjoyed the yoga class & instructor was knowledgeable and very patient.”

“Princeton Integral Yoga is an awesome place and the instructor was great too.”

“The place looks peaceful and relaxing, just the way I wanted… I look forward for a wonderful and tranquilizing experience learning yoga and meditation here at Princeton Integral Yoga.”

“Great instructors. Intimate setting.”

“Loved the class!

“Excellent yoga practice, for all yoga levels.”

“Easy and quick to check in, and staff very welcoming. All in all a wonderful experience.”

“I chose to attend the Restorative Yoga class. The Instructor was wonderful and I spent 90 minutes de-stressing and loving myself and my body. What could be better? She guided us in using props to place our body in restorative poses so that we could just LET GO. She periodically read us something thoughtful or enlightening while we were relaxing which added to our experience. Amazing.”

“Great place. I am really enjoying the restorative yoga class. Mireille, the teacher, is kind and attentive. Wonderful opportunity to take yoga classes.”

“They were very friendly and patient for a first-timer like me.”

“Staff was very friendly and I had a great experience”

“Good for removing all the stress in tight muscles. Good for beginners and boomers b/c it’s slow.”

“Great place to learn Yoga”

“Nice and quiet place to do yoga.”

“Great place and amazing teachers.”

“It was good class to practice both yoga postures and meditation.”

“Great place.”

“It was a great experience. The instructor was patient and very helpful. I look forward to my next class.”

“If you really like yoga, Princeton Integral Yoga is for you.”

“Very good yoga instructors, good for basic yoga practices and general wellbeing.”

“I’ll be back.”

“Keep up the great work! I shall return!”

“Classes at different times of the day. Can choose the one that fits into your schedule. Nice friendly staff.”

“Great place, great yoga.”

“I am glad that I selected this program.”

“Friendly staff. Professional, knowledgeable instructors. My sister recommended it to me. I brought my college age daughter today.”

“It’s only been two weeks, but I love it so far.”

“Very pleasant experience.”

“I totally loved it! I felt good after the stretches and quiet and relaxed after the session.”

“Love the classes”

“Very pleasant atmosphere.”

“A very rewarding experience.”

“Nice multi-level classes for all ages.”

“Keep up the good work, great atmosphere, great teachers and a great practice… great friendly place.”

“I’ve really enjoyed my experience so far. The Level 1 class has been a great introduction to yoga.”

“Excellent experience… would highly recommend Princeton Integral Yoga to others.”

“Excellent institution.”

“Princeton Integral Yoga helps me balance my life. The effects are more lasting than walking or running the treadmill.”

“The Sunday night Svadhyaya, scriptural study of the Gita, is not a particularly scholarly study but it is a wonderful exploration of applying the teachings from the scriptures to our daily lives.”

“Of course, I feel physically better but the best part is that I am able to feel peaceful at needed times. It is not a sleepy peace but rather I actually see things better & with energy. I also feel that I am able to worship with more attention in my religious tradition. I sit better during Sunday services.”

“Monday’s class is a wonderful way to start the week. It leaves me with a feeling of peace & fulfillment as well as feeling challenged.”

“I am so happy to be a part of Princeton Integral Yoga. I really enjoy yoga classes. It’s a great place. All the instructors are wonderful. It has certainly helped me gain balance and core strength.”