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Wonderful Friends of IYCC,

We are writing you today to ask for your help.

Most of you have spent some time at IYCC and know that it is a special place.Many tell us again and again that it is like no other place they have been, that there is a special feeling as soon as you enter the door. People love that we really are a community center, that people are always welcome, people of all ages and from anywhere and with any cultural background or religious approach.
We are
a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a Mission and a Board of Trustees. We seem to be good at providing the services for each of you and the community, blessed to be able to always be adding more services by divine grace and inspiration.

We took on this new expanded space in this convenient location so that all of this could happen, and it has so beautifully manifested through the work of many. There are about 50 people who lovingly provide their expertise and care for you here on a regular basis.
As you know,
much of what we provide as a community center is at no cost for those taking advantage of these offerings. And for the things which we do charge for, we have always and continue to give whatever financial assistance is needed so that no one is left out.

But… our financial savvy was not as astute, but we are learning, and now doing much better. Our regular rates were initially set too low and we opened our doors in debt rather than with the capital fund which is always needed when starting a new venture. As a result we fell behind in our rent payments.

When this became apparent we meditated and prayed, and then
consulted with some wise and caring business experts who understood nonprofit works, and who also understood what we were doing and why. With their counsel we created a new operations business plan. The new plan is in place now and working very well. However, it will take almost a year for it to bring us to the place where IYCC will be financially stable so that it can serve for years and years to come as intended.

Our landlord has been quite patient with us, but now feels that unless we can pay back rent, they will close down the IYCC.

Here is
what we must raise to allow the new business plan to come into full effect…$50,000 immediately to give us the capital fund as the new plan builds into fullness over the next year. The landlord has accepted $25,000 and we are negotiating to have them allow us to make regular payments to satisfy the remainder. 

Can you, will you please help in any way you can to keep this wonderful place alive?

If you would like to see the new business plan and understand how it will work, or if you have any questions or suggestions, please either call or email us.

 ~ Call Jayadeva… 609-851-1721

 ~ Email… info@princetoniycc.org

The most immediate way to make a tax-deductible donation is to either…

  1. 1)  send a check payable to Princeton IYCC (mailed to: Princeton IYCC, 301 N. Harrison St. Bldg. A, Ste 1E, Princeton, NJ 08540) – or drop it off at IYCC personally 
  2. 2)  make an online contribution with this link: Donation – you choose amount

Thank you so much for all you have done and do to help build and sustain this  IYCC, and make it a blessing for so many.

Love and blessings,

Jayadeva, the IYCC Board of Trustees and Staff and Volunteers














Princeton IYCC
301 North Harrison Street Bldg A, Suite 1E • Princeton, NJ 08540
+1 (609) 454-3140
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